GET WELL HOLISTIC HEALTHCARE - There is "no" incurable illness
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Thank you again for visiting this website.  My desire is that  you will find the philosopy and fundamentals of healing disease "naturally" as exciting as I do.
Natural healing differs from disease management.  Natural healing is very simple if you change your lifestyle and are willing to create a healthy lifestyle...disease must flee the body.
Perhaps you or a loved one have been informed that something is wrong and there is no time to waste.  There are many alternatives. 
Getting well is easy!  Its getting sick that takes years of dedicated hard work.
Your body has the ability to completely heal itself of any disease.  That's the way God created it.  All it needs is your assistance.
What is holistic healthcare?
  Views individual as being ultimately responsible for his/her well-being
  Takes a “whole-person” approach to treatment
   Maintains partnership with individual to bring about and maintain the ultimate healthy lifestyle
  Addresses cause of an illness, removal of the cause which will then allow the body to heal itself naturally.
What are benefits of holistic healthcare?
   The individual’s lifestyle, beliefs and habits are honored
   Treatments least likely to do harm and more cost-effective than conventional drugs or surgery
   Holistic care achieves change through respect for the individual and for the contribution of that individual
Holistic practitioners believe that unconditional love is life’s most powerful medicine.
    Unconditional love is a way of being that is always supporting the health, well-being, and growth of a person or system for the highest good of all concerned
Can holistic healthcare fix my problem?
    Get Well Holistic Healthcare will work with you to develop a solution designed to assist you in healing.  Other holistic practitioners/products may be recommended, but the idea that anyone else can “fix” your problem is not a part of the holistic model.  Most illnesses and disabilities are the end result of a complex interaction of events, habits, and choices and are not amendable to band aids or “sweeping things under the drug”- as these approaches do not address the underlying cause(s)
What is an alternative/holistic approach to my problem?
   The approach will begin with a thorough evaluation of your diet, exercise habits, health history, occupation, family and life history and current circumstances.  Each person is unique; the development of a program is individualized.
How much will holistic treatment cost?

Distance Consulting: 
An investment made in prevention, not only protects health, but is much less costly than the costs of chronic disease.
We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!

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